Interview Tips

Ever wanted anything so bad, you would do everything you can to attain it? In my situation, I have to be practical about it. 

I have a job in advertising sales at the moment but I hope to move to marketing. 

Today, I had an interview of a lifetime. I was interviewed by Skechers. I was so nervous. 

How to calm yourself?

Think of how much you want something and relax. It will not benefit you if you are shaking and forget everything. 

BE yourself.

Be honest, be true, but make sure it makes you sound good. It’s good to be honest but you are trying to sell yourself so know what are your strengths and prepare stories of previous experiences at work that will make you an asset. Showcase your talents and skills. This is all the time you have to show them what have got.

Dress for the occasion.

If they are a laid back type of work environment, don’t overdress. If the company has a serious kind of environment, dress in office wear. Don’t wear too much make up. Just be simple.

Practice your handshake

Don’t make it too long, make sure your hands are not sweaty. 

Be courteous 

Be respectful to everyone you meet. A good attitude and respect can go a long way whether you get accepted or not. They are people too and everyone deserves respect. 


Practice possible questions and how you will answer them. 

At the end of the day, hope you did your best and pray to the heavens you got in! Good luck 🍀 


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