Shoe Review: Punk berry flats (Robinsons) -They have big sizes!

I usually just buy three pairs of flats that I repeat over and over gain until they break. (Of course this excludes the occasional heels for events, sandals, slippers etc.)

My present cycle of shoes are already due for change. They are already broken and are beyond repair. 

I went to Robinsons to check out their shoe sale and came across an interesting brand called Punkberry! I love their designs and they are really cheap. I have such huge feet so looking for comfortable shoes here in the Philippines is difficult. Thankfully Punkberry has my size!

It only cost me Php 460.00. They have great cushion on the inside and you can tell the material is strong. They have all kinds of pretty designs. 

Here is a link:

Disclaimer: This isn’t paid or anything I am just doing a review and maybe help those with big feet to look for affordable yet stylish shoes.

I love the silver flats I got! They are quite comfortable. But It best fits girls with very narrow feet. 

Enjoy shopping! Enjoy life 💜 


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