Beauty: Revitaglow Brazilian Blowdry


Brazilian Blowdry, I believe, is the healthiest way to tame crazy wild hair. I was born with curly hair but during my childhood I had very straight hair, what was so odd was during my puberty stage till now my hair just did not like the humidity. My hair always looks so messy and poof, I have very unruly wavy hair with baby hairs on the side. Monsterous I tell you!!

I have tried everything! From Having my hair Relaxed and also Rebonded. The problem with this is the chemicals can affect your healthy during those long hours you are exposed to them. Another thing is I hate the maintenance that once your hair grows out there is a dreadful dent. So I had all my hair cut off and got a treatment. But the treatment slowly faded and it was way too expensive for me to spend Php 3000 every month for a treatment.

When my hair got really long, I had it curled.

But my hair still looks so messy. 😦

So I was on Facebook one day doing some online window shopping, I came across Revitaglow, Brazilian Blowdry Express. I saw so many good reviews, I plan to use it on my whole family.

Will update you on the results 😉

Btw this isn’t a paid review or anything, just want to help people find the most cost effective choices.

Confidence is key. Do whatever will make you feel confident.


My hair is naturally very coarse and thick. Plus I had it permed so it’s a little dry.

The product I guess is good enough for the price you pay, my hair became very soft and smooth. I guess it’s good for when you want your hair to come back to life. It would be healthy to use it twice a month? I guess for me the shine lasted two weeks or more. Even if I would shampoo almost everyday.

The product is better than those oily stuff you can buy from the supermarket or beauty stores like watsons, boots. It claims to have natural ingredients as well.

For me personally, I would use this product rather than going to the salon and paying thousands to get my hair done. It’s a quick fix for a few weeks, I guess that’s alright with me.

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