D.I.Y.: Lace up Flats

I noticed that the latest fashion trend are lace up shoes. I am currently low on budget but I can’t help but want to splurge on a new set of shoes. I just fell in love with the lace up Flats. It looks sexy and edgy and I knew I needed a pair asap. I came across a DIY on YouTube the Sorry Girls and they created what seemed to be an easy way to make the flats. I decided to test it out!



Cheap flats (your choice of color)
Chord x 3 yards (match the shoe color)
Garter 1/2 yard (match shoe color)
Fabric glue

I live in the Philippines. I bought shoes online at Zalora. It was on sale and it only cost me Php 250.00. I loved that it was white!


Next, I measured where I would like to place the loops on the shoes. I decided to make it simple and just make two on each side. After marked it with a very light pen.

Next, I made the loops using the Garter. I cut 1.5 inch for each loop and stuck it together at the bottom and let it dry using the clips.



After an hour, I stuck the loops on the shoes, still using the fabric glue and clips.



I let it dry for three hours and then removed the clips.

I had then decided to loop in the chord the way I wanted it to look. You can use pictures as a reference.




And it is done!!! It was so easy to make ๐Ÿ™‚ and it cost me so little. To think it is supposed to cost me thousands and I just spent Php 18.00 on the chord and Php 3.00 on the Garter, a total cost of Php 271.00.

So easy to make and it is so stylish. You should try it ๐Ÿ˜‰


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